A bit about me & my work...

I spent a few years in a neuroscience lab at both the undergraduate and graduate levels - and learned that benchwork was not for me.   

I then spent a few years as a medical writer to pay for my next graduate degree - and learned that telling stories about science would always be for me. 

These days I also work as a freelance scientific director, fostering the careers of fledgling writers. 

I maintain a busy private acupuncture practice which keeps me challenged, humbled and happy to help people.  Having a clinical practice helps my medical writing, and learning new disease states when I write helps my practice.  It's the best of both worlds.  

Just to round out your information seeking:

  • In 2012, I presented my original research at the American Psychiatric Association conference for clinicians on the topic of neurophysiology of pain & addiction and the treatment of both with Chinese medicine

  • I have guest-lectured on the same topic at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and my paper on it was published in the 2013 Spring edition of CJOM

  • I also hold a BS in neurobiology & a BA in cognitive psychology, both from Columbia University

  • I resigned from my PhD in neuroscience at CUNY at the Master's level to obtain a Master's degree in Chinese Medicine at ACTCM

  • A few recommendations on my writing can be found here

  • A few recommendations on my patient care can be found here

I maintain an active volunteering schedule & if you are affiliated with an organization that helps inner city children that may need acupuncture or nutritional education or science writing help – please do contact me about donating my time

My combined medical & science background spans over 20 years, and I cannot wait to see what the next several decades brings. 

contact me:  amyf73@gmail.com